Forum of Live Art Amsterdam, May 30, 31, June 1, 2017

Forum of Live Art Amsterdam 2017
May 30, 31, June 1 from 7:30 Pm
June 2, 3 from 8 PM
Arti et Amicitiae (Rokin, 112) and Frascati Theater (Nes, 71)

From May 30 to June 3, 2017 FLAM presents a week of ongoing experimental Live Art presentations, featuring a program of cross-disciplinary and radically experimental work by more than twenty local and international artists.

For its seventh iteration, FLAM explores questions around self-presentation, self-transformation and a heightened state of alterity (otherness) in the digital age. With a particular focus on the performativity of ‘the self’, the artists respond to different states of alterity by, for example, subverting the specific roles and social codes of today’s social media platforms. The possibilities to create, manipulate and perform different selves through selfies and constant status updates, have given rise to a variety of questions about performance and performativity. FLAM 2017 aims to provoke reflection and debate about the ways in which states of alterity, performativity and otherness are embodied and manifested in daily presentations of the self. Next to Live Art, this year’s program includes a residency, workshops and a panel discussion about alterity.

Curated by Rose Akras in collaboration with Titus Nouwens, Alice Pons en Olivia Reschofsky

Participating artists: Alondra Castellanos Arreola, Anthony Nestel, Bea McMahon, Beati Niesyta Jolanda, Black Circus, Cathrine Andresen, Clara Saito, David Bloom, Eva Susova, Fernando Belfiore, Geo Wyeth, HellFun (Josefin Arnell & Max Göran) , Jean-Lorin Sterian, Joaquin Wall, Julian Weber, Maciej Sado, Mariana Lanari & Adriana Macul, Mercedes Azpilicueta, Peter Baren, Samira Elagoz, Simon Asencio, Vincent Riebeek, Zuzanna Ratajczyk

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PR & Communication: Katayoun Arian, Graphic Design & Social Media: Bea Correa, Production: Rob Visser, Technique: Ivy van de Veer
Cover Image D3US/X\M4CHIN4, Fernando Belfiore, photo by Paul McGee

ArteBA DIXIT, Buenos Aires, May 24-27, 2017

Los Derivados / The Derivatives, at SlyZmud, Buenos Aires, May-June 2017

Pernod Rircard Fellowship at Villa Vassilieff/Betonsalon, Paris. April, 2017

Copi (Raúl Damonte Botana - Buenos Aires, 1939 - Parigi 1987) was a writer, cartoonist, and playwright who spent most of his career in Paris. Still from video at the exhibition L´Esprit Francais at La maison rouge. 
I spent the month of April in Paris to start my research at Villa Vassilieff/Betonsalon. I will resume the work in January and February, 2018 to make a project that will involve performance, video and sound. 

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The take-over, The Hague University of Applied Sciences / Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam

In March 2017 the artist Mercedes Azpilicueta and Jacco van Uden, head of the Change Management Research Group at the Hague University of Applied Sciences, will temporarily swap their positions. They will take over each other’s’ work and everything that comes with it, for one entire month. Their personal experiences, comprehensively documented with texts, audio and video recordings are going to be analyzed from two different angles. Organisational philosopher Mieke Moor (Member of the Change Management Research Group) will reflect on their experience in a discourse analysis. Video artist Céline Berger together with Jacco and Mercedes, will create a video essay inspired by the experience. Both explorations, the discursive and the artistic one, will feed a series of events in 2018. Artists, managers and management experts, philosophers, art historians and critics will be invited to review and critically discuss The take-over; experiment with a broader public.
The take-over; is a research project, both academic and artistic in nature. Its aims are to provide rich food for thought, to deepen the exchange of knowledge between art and management. The radical gesture of taking over each other´s work is expected to generate new insights, questioning our preconceptions on the worlds we work in, thus revealing new areas for action. This unique experience will gather people from the art and management world, let them exchange and discuss in a new and challenging way about their fields of work.

The take over  (in progress)
i.c.w. Jacco van Uden & Céline Berger
Den Haag Hogeschool, The Hague / 
Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam

For more information please visit:

ARCO, Madrid / Opening section / SlyZmud, Buenos Aires

2017 Pernod Ricard Fellowship, Villa Vassilieff, Paris

Announcing selected artists for the 2017 Pernod Ricard Fellowship 
March 1, 2017–February 28, 2018 

Villa Vassilieff 
Villa Marie Vassilieff, Chemin du Montparnasse
21 Avenue du Maine
75015 Paris
Hours: Tuesday–Saturday 11am–7pm 
T +33 1 43 25 88 32 
Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Pernod Ricard and Villa Vassilieff are delighted to announce the four selected artists for the 2017 Pernod Ricard Fellowship:

Mercedes Azpilicueta (Argentina), Samit Das (India), Ndidi Dike (Nigeria) and Koki Tanaka (Japan). 

The Pernod Ricard Fellowship is conceived as a research and artistic platform, experimenting with non-linear models of generating and distributing knowledge to encourage different possible connections between researchers, contemporary artists, cultural institutions, non-profit organizations and the general public.

Inheriting the cosmopolitan and convivial spirit of the historical studio, art academy and artists’ cantina founded and run by Marie Vassilieff in Montparnasse, the Fellows enjoy a bespoke support, special meetings with researchers and art professionals relevant to their needs, and access to a rich network of institutions in France and abroad. Each project will develop into a program of exhibitions, performances, seminars and workshops at Villa Vassilieff, and a publication series.

Through the prism of voice, sound and language, Mercedes Azpilicueta will research the political dimension of desire in relation to affects; the biocultural, biodigital and biophysical body; and gender dissent in an aesthetic context, with a focus on modern female artists who subverted the gender binary such as Valentine de Saint-Point, Natalia Goncharova and Valeska Gert.

Samit Das will investigate the visual vocabulary of Indian modern art in resonance with Paris as world cultural capital, attempting to reassess the idea of modernism in India and the role of Western art, with a special focus on the numerous Indian artists who visited and stayed in France.

Ndidi Dike questions the way pre- and post-colonial histories and legacies of resource control have been shaping the African continent (or the Global South) politically, economically and socially. She will focus on the Democratic Republic of Congo, its past and present, conducting research at the Centre Pompidou, Quai Branly museum as well as other archives.

Koki Tanaka’s work visualizes and reveals the multiple contexts latent in the most simple everyday acts. Inspired by an encounter with a Japanese chef in Belleville, he plans to retrace histories of Asian and Japanese immigrants during and post war time in Paris, in relation with local restaurants.

The 2017 Pernod Ricard fellows were selected by an international Artistic Committee composed of:

Yuko Hasegawa, Artistic Director, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
Sunjung Kim, Director, Art Sonje Center, Seoul 

Victoria Noorthoorn, Director, Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires
Sumeshwar Sharma, Curator & co-Founder, the Clark House Initiative, Bombay
Benjamin Seroussi, Director, Casa do Povo, Sao Paulo
Bisi Silva, Director, CCA, Lagos 

Bernard Blistène, Director, MNAM CCI – Centre Pompidou, Paris 

Colette Barbier, Director, Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard, Paris
Mélanie Bouteloup, Director, Bétonsalon – Center for Art and Research, Paris
Virginie Bobin, Head of Programs, Villa Vassilieff, Paris

In 2016, the Pernod Ricard fellows were Andrea Ancira (curator and researcher, Mexico), Zheng Bo (artist, China), Sojung Jun (artist, South Korea)
and Ernesto Oroza (artist, USA/Cuba).

About Villa Vassilieff
Villa Vassilieff, a cultural establishment owned by the City of Paris, opened its doors in February 2016, in the heart of Montparnasse, on the site of Marie Vassilieff’s former studio, which until 2013 housed the Musée du Montparnasse. It is run by Bétonsalon—Center for Art and Research, which is thus opening its second site of activities. Villa Vassilieff is conceived as a place for working and living, where to stimulate the blossoming of ideas, encounters and the sharing of knowledge. Pernod Ricard is its leading sponsor.

About Pernod Ricard
Since its creation, Pernod Ricard has become a renowned actor in the French and international contemporary art scene. The group is a prime supporter of many art institutions, among which Centre Pompidou, Saatchi Gallery, Guggenheim Bilbao and New Museum, while its various brands conduct numerous actions in support of contemporary art and artists, such as Fondation Ricard for Contemporary Art, or Absolut Vodka and Havana Club’s initiatives among others, with the mission to render art widely accessible to all.

Untitled Art, Miami / SlyZmud, Buenos Aires

Untitled Art. 
South Beach, Miami
Ocean Drive at 12th
Nov 30, Dic 1-4, 2015

Special mention award / Faena Prize for the Arts 2016

Faena Prize for the Arts 2016 - Winner announcement from on Vimeo.

FAENA ART proudly announces Roger Hiorns as the winner of the 2016 edition of the Faena Prize for the Arts.
Following the evaluation of more than 400 proposals from over 70 countries around the world, Hiorns was selected by a jury of leading figures from the international art world. Coordinated by Ximena Caminos, Artistic Director and Chair of Faena Art, the 2016 selection jury included Carlos Basualdo, Keith L. and Katherine Sachs Senior Curator of Contemporary Art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art; Achim Borchardt-Hume, Director of Exhibitions at Tate Modern; Caroline Bourgeois, curator of the Pinault Collection; independent curator Jesús Fuenmayor; and Victoria Noorthoorn, Director of Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires.
Hiorns will receive the $75,000 USD prize, which includes $25,000 USD for the artist and a budget of up to $50,000 USD towards the production of ‘Untitled’ Values (working title), to be presented by the Faena Art Center Buenos Aires in 2017. The work may also be adapted for exhibition at Faena Forum in Miami Beach, which opens in November.
Special mention awards were given to Public Movement, an Israeli performative research collective and Mercedes Azpilicueta (b. 1981, Argentina; lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands), who each will receive a $1,000 USD prize.

For more information:

W8 Summer Cinema X Mercedes Azpilicueta | Feature Film: The Holy Girl / La Niña Santa - Aug 14, 2016 Amsterdam

W8 / Summer Cinema
Rozenstraat 59, Amsterdam


The Holy Girl / La Niña Santa (2004) by Lucrecia Martel and produced by Pedro Almodovar. An Argentinian independent feature film (106 min.) 

Mercedes saw The Holy Girl for the first time in Buenos Aires in 2004 and influenced her artistic practice in many aspects. She found in The Holy Girl a lot of precision in terms of addressing the present moment and believes that that particular relation to time connects to her performative practice. The film has many poetic fragments of dialogue. Somehow the oral narration, the everyday language, the voice in itself are important aspects in the film that later became core elements in Mercedes´ practice as well. The film, shot in a provincial town, has a critical view towards the middle class in Argentina, gender inequalities and emotional affairs within dysfunctional families. The way feelings and emotions are interconnected in all these different scenarios -some of them quite familiar- influenced her work. She found in The Holy Girl a very accurate way of looking and listening to things.

Mercedes Azpilicueta (AR,1981) lives and works in Amsterdam. Using the voice as a primary source, Mercedes Azpilicueta addresses the ambiguity of a personal and unrestrained at times collective subjectivity, applied to a rigorous formality and experimentation with sound and the affective quality of language. In her work she embraces on the one hand, a discourse of alterity by unmasking the way the voice is created by the whisper, the shout, onomatopoeia, singing, snippets of conversation and poetry. On the other hand, the voice is also crossed by the absurd, the cliché, the sagacity and even violence, within the time and space in which we develop our humanity and locality. In Azpilicueta´s provocative and hypnotic vocal arrangements where the body is used as a musical instrument, that unique, inimitable voice appears in full nudity, showing its ability to lead us out of ourselves, to places where neither the body nor the mind would have allowed us to reach.

Facebook event

Un Mundo Raro, performance at Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam. 25 June 2016

Finisage These Shapes Remind Me of You

Performance by Mercedes Azpilicueta
Un Mundo Raro (A Rare World), 2015

The performance will be held in intimate sphere, we have a limited capacity of 30 people available

Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam
Saturday 25 June, 2016. 5pm 

(photo courtesy G.J. van Rooij)

Ciclo de Video / SlyZmud en Casa Brandon, Buenos Aires. 9 & 30 June, 2016

SlyZmud en “La casa Invita”

Casa Brandon abre sus puertas cada mes para abrazar y agasajar a otros espacios. Un intercambio virtuoso entre diferentes usinas artísticas, políticas, activistas y culturales. Para celebrarnos, potenciarnos, reinventarnos y hacer gigante este torbellino amoroso de espacios comprometidos con el trabajo y la creación en red.

La propuesta de SlyZmud para el ciclo consiste en proyectar videos de artistas fuera del escenario tradicional que propone una galería de arte, donde comunmente el espectador no se detiende el tiempo completo a ver o lo hace de manera incómoda. 
Se trata entonces de una forma de mostrar y ver videos de manera diferente, más cercano al formato cine, donde el espacio esta destinado para tal fin.
A la vez, buscamos potenciarnos mutuamente a través de encontrar puntos en común entre Casa Brandon y SlyZmud y hacer hincapié en ellos.

Dos fechas, 9 y 30 de junio donde proyectaremos videos de tres artistas argentinas en los cuales la presencia de sus cuerpos es la marca común.

Jimena Croceri: Mañana Nos Desperamos en Otro Lugar (Video Monocanal, 4.50minutos, 2013)
Mercedes Azpilicueta: Un Mundo Raro (Proyección de Video Monocanal, 8 minutos, 2015)
Vivi Abelson: In & Out (Video Cámara Fija, 2.30minutos, 2014)

The Economy is Spinning, Onomatopee, Eindhoven. Opening 5 June, 2016

Opening 5 June 2016, 4PM
Exhibition continues 9 June - 17 July, 2016 
Open Thursday - Sunday 1-5PM

With contributions by Mercedes Azpilicueta, Zachary Formwalt, Monique Hendriksen, Jan Hoeft, Hanne Lippard, Toril Johannessen, Robertas Narkus, Antonis Pittas and Nick Thurston

How does the economy speak to us? Does it speak through us? Sometimes its voice trembles with fear, and at other times it whispers with hope and sings in excitement about better days to come.

Economic jargon settles in to make things sound correct by making them sound familiar; it comes to our aid when troubles arise and comforts us with its reasonable-sounding justifications. Like religion, it gives hope and solace, soothes worry and anguish. The doctrine is everywhere, oozing out of academic studies and financial newspapers; ’efficiency’ has become the measure of the everyday, as ’cost-benefit analyses’ guide us to make decisions in the interests of the greatest possible returns.

This logic promises freedom in exchange for leaving things to take their own course: laissez faire, laissez passer. The ’invisible hand’ of the market should ensure that needs and wants are met without any outside intervention or regulation. Yet needs and wants are not governed by rational rules: the desire to have it all, to have it now and without limits, is a notion without end, with irrationality as its command.

The Economy is Spinning looks into various manifestations of the language of economics and finance, a language that permeates our vocabularies and builds the boundaries of our imaginations. With contributions by nine artists, the exhibition accentuates and exaggerates the absurdity of this language and of its underlying mechanisms.

Save the date:
Finissage with performances on 16th July, 2016.
An accompanying publication will be launched in September 2016.

Curated by Kris Dittel.

Made possible thanks to the municipality of Eindhoven and the Mondriaan Fund.

For more info please visit Onomatopee website
Facebook event here

Artefactos universales / Objetos culturales, La Ene, Buenos Aires. 19 May & 2 Jun 2016

Artefactos universales - Objetos culturales 
Un par de encuentros públicos antes de un proyecto sobre meteoritos, estatuillas, cuevas y estrellas

Jueves 19 mayo, 20 hs y Jueves 2 junio, 19.00 hs 
La Ene - Nuevo Museo Energía de Arte Contemporáneo
Esmeralda, 320. 2 piso A. Buenos Aires

Mercedes Azpilicueta, Guillermo Faivovich & Nicolás Goldberg, Gerard Ortín, Ariel Schlesinger, Axel Straschnoy, Regina de Miguel, Osías Yanov
Curadores: Juan Canela y Javier Villa

Solemos mostrar las ideas una vez pensadas, trabajadas, acabadas… muchas veces cerradas y direccionadas. A veces compartimos el proceso de trabajo, o referenciamos partes de la investigación a modo de archivos o publicaciones. Pero pocas veces contamos las ideas en público antes de comenzar a trabajarlas en profundidad. Artefactos universales - objetos culturales es una invitación a acompañarnos a pensar cómo podría ser un posible proyecto futuro.  Abrir el proceso de trabajo justo al comienzo, cuando no estamos seguros de nada, invitando a distintos agentes a proponer materiales y conversar en público en torno a las cuestiones sobre las que queremos reflexionar.

En la actualidad, muchos artistas se embarcan en investigaciones alrededor de artefactos y objetos que tensan las relaciones entre lo universal y los reclamos de una cultura específica, donde aquello que parecería pertenecer y reivindicar a una comunidad determinada se vuelve un instrumento para discutir problemas de magnitud global, o viceversa.  ¿Qué tipo de relaciones se establecen con el territorio en relación con objetos y artefactos culturales o universales? ¿Cómo se activan y liberan objetos y artefactos del pasado para entrar en una discusión sobre el presente, que constantemente traza y borra los límites territoriales, temporales y éticos? Desde proyecciones colonialistas depositadas en objetos de carácter universal, a proyecciones universales que se atribuyen a objetos de culturas específicas, esta relación incierta establece la necesidad de pensar en la agencia de estos objetos, los espacios que los acogen, su entorno y su historia más allá de una mirada y temporalidad antropocéntrica.

Sesión 1
Jueves 19 mayo, 20.00 hs
La Ene
 20:00 hs. Proyección de Nueva Sonora (2014) de Gerard Ortín
20:30 hs. Presentaciones y conversación con Axel Straschnoy, Mercedes Azpilicueta yAriel Schlesinger

Sesión 2
Jueves 2 junio, 19.00 hs
La Ene
Proyección de Knowledge never comes alone (2013) de Regina de Miguel
Presentaciones y conversación con Osías Yanov, Guillermo Faivovich y Nicolás Goldberg

imagen: El monstruo de Buenos Aires de Julieta García Vazquez

Solo Show Zurich, Mirta Demare, arteBA 25!, Buenos Aires 19 - 22 May, 2016

These shapes remind me of you, Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam 14 May - 25 June, 2016

These shapes remind me of you is a group exhibition emphasising the relationship between form and emotion. Structured according to a curatorial methodology rooted in associative behaviour, the exhibition interweaves geometric abstract formalism with a personal diaristic impulse. Here, symmetry, structure and repetition cross-contaminate with the girly, the goth and the poetic. A string of sentimental and aesthetic associations lead the viewer through the exhibition, forming unexpected connections between kitsch domesticities, modernist design, voodooism, and anthropologic encounters, as if personally-arranged pre-aggregated amazon suggestions.

Curated by Juliaan Andeweg

At 7pm performance by Nora Turato "I have nothing to wear, you have nothing to say" 

Participating artists:
Efrem Angela (1990, AW)
Mercedes Azpilicueta (1981, AR)
Inez de Brauw (1989, NL)
Michiel Ceulers (1986, BE)
Tamar Harpaz (1979, IL)
Lukas Heistinger (1987, AT)
HellFun (Josefin Arnell 1984, SE, Max Göran 1987, SE)
Frederique Jonker (1991, NL)
Johan Jensen Kjeldsen (1986, DK)
Kareem Lotfy (1985, EG)
Arend Nijkamp (1960, NL)
Thierry Oussou (1988, BJ)
Mike Pratt (1987, UK)
Thomas Raat (1979, NL)
Pierre Stroska (FR)
Nora Turato with Kulenturato (1991, HR)
Tore Wallert (1985, SE)

more info:

De Jaren 90 V: De eindeloze grenszone at Perdu, Amsterdam. 6 May 2016

An evening curated by Chi Ontario and Jasper Dik. 
With Dieter Lesage, Mercedes Azpilicueta & Veva Leye. 

Friday 6 May, 2016. 
20:30 hr. 

For more information:

Influeza at blip blip blip, Leeds. 18 March - 01 April 2016

Mercedes Azpilicueta with Ness Herringshaw, Sam Kan, Seren Metcalfe, and Jazmin Morris; Marije Gertenbach because of Holly Beer, Jess Eastwood, Georgia Holman, and Michelle Leck; Tamar Harpaz through Hannah Brown, Grace Elder, Maddy Sadler, and Emily Uttley; Christine Moldrickx by Jess Carnegie, Peter Holgate, Is van Leest, and Anna Stacey
Curated by Alex Farrar. 

a version of the performance Sports et Divertissements at blip blip blip in collaboration with Ness Herringshaw, Sam Kan, Seren Metcalfe and Jazmin Morris from Leeds Collage of Arts, Leeds. 


- De Jaren 90 V: De eindeloze grenszone, an evening curated by Chi Oneiro and Jasper Dik at Perdu, Amsterdam. 6 May 2016

- Bailarina Geométrica No Cree en el Amor, Encuentra Aspiración y Éxtasis en Espirales, solo show at SlyZmud gallery, Buenos Aires. 13 May - Jun 2016

- These shapes remind me of you, group show curated by Juliaan Andeweg at Juliette Jongma gallery, Amsterdam. 14 May - 25 Jun 2016. Artists: Nora Turato with Kulenturato, Mike Pratt, Johan Jensen Kjeldsen, Pierre Ströska, Thierry Ossou, Tamar Harpaz, Kareem Lotfy, Thomas Raat, Michiel Ceulers, HellFun, Inez de Brauw, Frederique Jonker, Mercedes Azpilicueta, Lukas Hestinger, Efrem Angela, Arend Nijkamp, Tore Wallert. 

- Un Mundo Raro at SOLO PROJECTS ZURICH - arteBA curated by Manuel Segade. Mirta Demare gallery, Buenos Aires. 19 - 22 May 2016

- The Economy is spinning, group show curated by Kris Dittel at Onomatopee, Eindhoven. Opening 5 June - 17 July 2016. Artists: Mercedes Azpilicueta, Zachary Formwalt, Monique Hendriksen, Jan Hoeft, Toril Johannessen, Hanne Lippard, Antonis Pittas, Nick Thurston & others. 

Sports et Divertissements, #SoloProject at ARCO, Madrid

Sport et Divertissements (Sports and Pastimes) is a new performance inspired by the work of French composer Erik Satie (1886-1925). The collection of 21 short pieces for piano from 1914 depicts various sports and leisure activities and borrows its title from an advertising slogan found in women's magazines of the period. Satie´s half comic, half poetic piece is translated into a choreography where breath and voice, bodily sounds, physical movements and the absurd come together. Within this immersive performance the spectator is part of an environment/event where the concepts of athletics and entertainment are re-visited in terms of contest, task and war. Sports et Divertissements is part of a major project called Un Mundo Raro (A Rare World) that was presented at the RijksakademieOPEN in November 2015. 

Alongside the performance Sport et Divertissements a series of drawings and objects are presented at Mirta Demare Gallery (7SP14) #SoloProjects.

Performance on Wednesday 25 at 14:30 hs. and Saturday Auditorio Foro, Pabellón 9

Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo ARCO Madrid
24 - 28 Febrero, 2016

Un Mundo Raro, performance at RijksakademieOPEN

Un Mundo Raro 
20 min. aprox.
Studio R2


Friday Nov 27 at 17:15 hs. 
Saturday Nov 28 at 18:00 hs.  
Sunday Nov 29 at 18:00 hs. 

RijksakademieOPEN 2015

RijksakademieOPEN is the only moment of the year that all 49 resident artists of the Rijksakademie will open the doors of their studios and welcome the public. New developments in the arts are revealed, and on display are works that might later be encountered throughout the world in prominent collections, exhibitions and biennials.

RijksakademieOPEN 2015
Saturday 28 and Sunday November
11:00 - 19:00 hours

Residents 2015 

Juliaan Andeweg (NL), Johann Arens (DE/NL), Shigeo Arikawa (JP), Josefin Arnell (SE/NL), Mercedes Azpilicueta (IT/AR/NL), Mahmoud Bakhshi (IR), Catherine Biocca (IT/DE), Ruta Butkute (LT/NL), Pauline Curnier Jardin (FR), Dit-Cilinn (SE/TH), Koen Doodeman (NL), Nickel van Duijvenboden (NL), Olivia Dunbar (CA/NL), Alex Farrar (GB/NL), Feng Chen (CN), Marije Gertenbach (NL), Margaret Haines (CA/US), Hamza Halloubi (MA), Riley Harmon (US), Tamar Harpaz (IL), Young Eun Kim (KR/NL), Jisun Kim (KR), Kareem Lotfy (EG/NL), Adrian Melis (CU/ES), Christine Moldrickx (DE), Matthijs Munnik (NL), Gareth Nyandoro (ZW),  Thierry Oussou (BJ), Naïmé Perrette (FR), Agnieszka Polska (PL), Lisa Reitmeier (DE), Noah Ryu (KR), Aykan Safoglu (TR/DE), belit sag, Sam Samiee, Caterina Silva (IT), Eva Spierenburg (NL), Fraser Stewart (GB/NL), Jay Tan (GB/NL), Jouni Toni (FI), Ehsan Ul Haq (PK), Wouter Venema (NL), Robbert Weide (NL), Wu Chi-Yu (TW), Geo Wyeth (US), Aimée Zito Lema (NL/AR)

RijksakademieOPEN 2015 is supported by:

Main sponsor: Rabobank
Fonds 21

Aside from studio presentations during RijksakademieOPEN there will also be films, performances and guided tours.